The Advantages of Humidity control ?

1 ) Humidic Humidification supplies you with constant and correct climate both for your employees and for your production.
2 ) Humidic Humidification reduces static electricity, dust and obnoxious smells.
3 ) Humidic Humidification prevents material from getting cracks and deformities due to dehydration.
4 ) Humidic Units works with micro drops that are assimilated directly in the air and do not fall on machines, material or floor.

Relative air humidity is the scale between the humidity in the air and the maximum amount of humidity that the air can hold (100%) - this is called saturated air. For people the optimum air humidity is 50-55% RH.
Air with higher temperature holds more water in order to maintain the same relative humidity

If air is absorbed through the ventilation plant with a temperature of e.g. 0ēC and a relative humidity (RH) of 60%, the water content of the air according to the diagram will be 3 grams/mŗ. If then, we warm up this air to normal living temperature there will still be 3 grams of water per mŗ, but the relative humidity will have fallen to 20% RH.

1 – Bacterials 2 – Viruses 3 – Mycosis 4 – Mites 5 – Infection of Respiratory 6 – Allergical Rhinitis 7 – Chemical Reactions 8 – Ozone