High pressure injection

Humidifying unit Type HPU  has a capacity of  10-15, 25-30 or 40-50 litres/hour with 2, 5 and 9 nozzles, respectively.
The nozzles are equipped with antidrop valves, preventing the nozzle from afterdropping when stopping the system.
The unit has special valve for service and 220/230 volt a.c. ventilator of 80 watt, in the top or bottom of the unit, spreading the humidification in the room. We also make a bridge of nozzles for ventilation channels.

High-pressure pump is available as standard for 50-70 bars and 1-8 zones.We work with two types of pumps : Spech-plunger and Danfoss-axial !
The pump is controlled by a high-pressure control unit, and equipped with valves for each zone as well as pressure / heat and water supply control.

Humidic-Control units for high-pressure pumps are available as standard for 1-8 zones and equipped with digital hygrostat for each zone.
The control has PLC and frequency converter for minimum energy consumption.
The control is available in numerous variants.
We can supply control unit with remote digital control

Water treatment the reverse osmosis systems from 50 litres/hour to 2000 litres/hour. All installations are microprocessor controlled, i.e. they have constant monitoring of supply and outlet, and furthermore the pump has overload protection.
The installation is closed, i.e. that bacteria and other impurities from the air do not reach the water, and no algae are formed.